Thursday, 17 April, 2008

Our College Website - STILL a disgrace!!

Its sad to see that our college website still has not improved even a bit. So I decided to write a mail to our respected principal. Im copy-pasting what I sent him. Guys... anyone who is interested in taking up responsibility for the website for the sake of the institute, please do approach him and ask him to allow you to take it up.

And here is the mail:

Respected Sir,

I am a former student of GEC, Barton Hill and completed my engineering education in 2007. During my final year in college, I had written an entry in the college blog about the pathetic state of our college website, and hoped that some action would have been taken since then. It is unfortunate to see that the only change that has happened since then is the change in the principal's page.

I feel that the college website is the first point of contact between the institute and the incoming batch of students. We are one of the best colleges in Kerala and try to attract the top rankers in the entrance examination. In such a situation, if one were to visit the college website to gain a measure of how good the institute is, I am sorry to say that our college website paints a very bleak picture.

During my final year, some of the final year students approached the IT head of department regarding upgrading the website, but his reply was that it was taken care of by the IT department and they would handle it. And quite frankly, it's been a disaster.

If we look at the students list, only the IT department list has all 4 years' list of students in it. What happened to Mechanical and EC Engineering? And also havn't we started an Electrical branch as well? Nowhere in the site does it say anything about this branch. Also the list of students is outdated and the current first and second year students have not been included, while our batch still is there.

There are a lot of aspects where the authorities concerned have not bothered to update or maintain the website. I understand that the IT faculty are busy, but isn't it fair and right that if they are unable to handle something of critical importance, they should at least be ready to let someone who is willing to do the job take it up?

I suggest that the website duties are handed over to the student's council or any other body that would be willing to take it up and a mechanism be set in place to ensure that regular updation takes place.

I hope that something is done as soon as possible regarding this, as it's very disheartening to see that even with the progress that our institute is making, no body seems interested in letting others know about it. Isn't it the duty of the authorities of the institute to ensure that such matters are handled?

Please do something about this matter. Hopefully it will not fall upon deaf ears as such important matters always have. This is not something that will cost us anything. All it requires is a little investment of time and effort.

Thank you,

Rohin Thampi
Mechanical Engineering 2003-07 batch.


Abhilash Suryan said...

Dear Rohin,
Extremely glad to see that you care for and have time to think for the welfare of your college in spite of your busy schedule at IIM-A :-)

As I had always maintained (refer previous discussions in this blog) the students themselves can make a difference if they are willing. Aagneya was one glorious example for the became a reality because there were a few people who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause, don't think I'm exaggerating, they had virtually put their lives at risk to realize the long standing dream of the GECians.

You can find another example here;
Just a humble beginning....
But look at it as one student's earnest efforts to do what he can do for the college instead of just speaking out great ideas. Hats off to S Anoop of 2005-09 Mech. It was his initiative and fortunately we now have a Principal and a team of HODs who wholeheartedly back any such great initiative from the part of the students and younger faculty members.

May be it's taking time but we are surging ahead, Rohin, thanks to our immensely talented students who love their Alma Mater as their second home :-)

Rohin said...

The gecmexx site is a very nice...
Hats off to the person who took the initiative and put in the hard work and time into making it possible. Looks nice, hope to see it grow.
Keep it up guys.

And its really nice to see the mexx nite happenin...

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Very happy to know that Rohin mailed to the Principal! Now lets see how quick the actions are taken. This also would prove if anyone is going through the mails sent to the principal.

Anoop-Hats off! Great initiative! keep up the good work!

Dhiraj-the wonder kid said...

Its really great to see when the alumni is so strongly bonded to the college and keeping a close tie with the college and updating regarding the recent developments.. The current principal and HODs as sir said are highly cooperative with the students and i am sure that this mail would ring a bell in the ears of many and immediate actions wud be taken hopefully!

Joseph said...

dear Rohin...

your views about the coll website is really currect... i was a student of loyola school trivandrum, and just passed rank in the Kerala entrance exam is 3148.. acc to the last rank details of the past years,i may make into electrical (thats the branch that i crave for)engg.the allotment has not yet started

the first thing that i looked to get an idea about the coll was its website...but a compared to other coll(like cet)the condition was pitiable...the most imp thing that a fresher to the coll. will search for are some photos... The website provides none! even the whole internet provides only few..

so please tell me abt the college

please.... this is my mail id

Mr. Commonsensical said...

I liked this little sarcastic pinch he inserted:
" Hopefully it will not fall upon deaf ears as such important matters always have. "