Saturday, 5 April, 2008

Aagneya, 2008

"Small sacrifices must be made!", uttered Otto Lilienthal from his death bed after breaking his spine in a fatal crash of his experimental aircraft. We have collectively made those small sacrifices and made a humble beginning........

Aagneya is a reality.......

The task at hand was tough but the enormity of it, inviting. At the team-aagneya, we had a few young men and women who relished a good challenge or two and they thrived as the task began to appear tougher than expected. As the famous saying goes; even our 'little squirrels' contributed in whatever way they could ...... :-)

Most people will frown if we say that we had put our lives on the lines, but at least a few will understand the truth behind the statement.

What do you think of Aagneya, 2008?

Could see very little of it myself.........and whenever I could, didn't have the peace of mind to enjoy it.

We understand that it was not above criticisms and we welcome them too.....for we believe that it assists the creative minds in improving their craft.......

Definitely not looking for sugar coated superlatives here.....feel free to speak your mind and enable the team aagneya to perform better in the coming years with your constructive criticisms.

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~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

When i saw th initial few lines of th post i thought it wd be a bare-it-all review from th master. Bt since it isn't so, i'd urge all those who were part of Aagneya to just write how good or bad th event was, what all did u miss out, what all changes u'd hav liked n what u were expecting bt were not gettin. Plz be honest so tht ppl lik me who missed it ths yr can knw how gr8 it was :)