Thursday, 6 December, 2012

Aspirational Graphs and Social Tagging

Need of the hour: Aspirational Graphs and Social Tagging

When I write these words, I know very well how far I am from my Alma matter with respect to my contributions, visits, attendance in Alumni meets and the physical distance as well. Still in this odd hours of a working day what makes me write is some of my ideas and experiences in the social media space.

And I feel it can contribute at least to a small extent when we convene for the Alumni meet.Due to an important family get together I may be forced to not attend the meeting this time as well :-( Yet, without burdening you all with more of introduction let me pen down my observations.

I believe the social media space is undergoing major twists and turns nowadays. Facebook is no longer a megalith and the final destination in this space due to various issues with social media campaigning and their inability to integrate user experiences with their aspirations. Yet as long as user generated content (UGC) remains the spine of social media, Facebook will remain to thrive in this ecosystem. 

LinkedIn has generated enough social capital to drive aspirational discussions under its hood. And it has always been focused not to mess with the influence of Facebook and created its own special locus. SlideShare and Scribd has become sources of immense popular content. Quora and ResearchGate has innovated the web2.0 to the next level of interactive web. I am not aiming to annotate about the multitude of social media incarnations to you here. My intention is to say that we, GECians need to absorb the aspirations and experiences of the GECians through this.

We can implement the concept of social tagging in this blog. Each day, the bloggers from this community can try to interview or interact with one of the alumni or the passing out student of our college and add his / her profile here. So in the matter of time, this blog will be the collection of so much social capital. And time and again when each of those people achieve new heights in life and pass through special moments of life, it should be added in their page. Hence blogs should go beyond the experiences at a single point of time. Instead, they should grow to become multidimensional content. This much for today.

Let me wander more in the coming days in the social media space to get more pearls and gems for our Alma matter! And hope to see more action here ....