Wednesday, 4 April, 2007

Is Orkut Blocked In GeC ? ? ?

Seems like orkut Is being blocked from the servers in our college.It is not acessible from Library or Cadd LAb (I am not sure abt the position in IT and EC labs).It is not acessible even from Anonymous Proxies(like atunnel)..

Orkut is Being blocked in our college by Internet Protocol filters.Initialy it was easy to bypass the filter with Annonimous proxies (Everyone used kproxy to get into orkut and this led to the blacklisiting of kproxy on server) believe me, it is quite easy to see who is trying to use proxies and whatnot.

I had Created Localproxy servers ( and ) it worked in CADD lab but failed in library ( Friends from EC and IT are requested to check these sites from their labs).

Since Google is Still acessible from college, I have made an attempt to use a google service to bypass the filter..just go to [At-times acess may be denied/uncertain as this domain is stil under test]

I would like to put forward some methods for bypassing Orkut access restrictions. I have shortlisted them below:

1. Use IP address - This is the simplest way to bypass domain name based access restrictions. Instead of the domain name such as use the direct IP address.

IP address of Orkut is

2. Use Google cache - To use this method ,Do a Google search for and then click on the cached link below the search results.Using Google cache is one of the best methods to bypass filters (but sadly it works only rarely in GeC).

3.. Your own proxy server - This is an advanced technique and is probably the best. This requires your own proxy server hosted either at your home or at a hosting service provider. You can enable SSL encryption and prevent any snooping on the content as well. Also put some access control, otherwise someone can find the service and misuse it (Trust me, there are many who are looking for such an opportunity!).

click to to know more

4.Use Tor- Tor is a free downloadable software which can help in bypassing network surveillance with built-in anonymity options. Tor can be downloaded from

[plz note: I am not sure about the compatibility of this software with linux]

5.Using Decimal IP address- Filters can be mislead by using decimal IP address. The decimal ip address of orkut is http://1208930647


Still better ideas/methods are allways welcome..

The Documentation on Worldwide Internet Filtering can be read at-->


Well then.. Njoy Orkutting !!!


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Hari said...

Good one O, dear senior!! You've just shown me the way out...

You're the ONE, NEO!!!

But, why on EARTH is orkut blocked @ GEC?? Because every other person is orkutting?? Hope the admin changes his mind soon...

krish said...

hey, it didn't work out in IT labs! :(
Orkut is still blocked!!!

..: n E o :.. said...

I had acess to IT lab only once..Dont knw d server structure there.. It iz real confusing in deir with net connection being split up with 4 (or more servers).. Itz hard to bypass the network surveillance under such a complex Structure.
anyhw stil i can recommend 3 methods ::

1. Use Google transalation tool .
google translation service can be reached here >>

In the translation option choose
" Translate a web-page " give in the URL as and choose any language to english option (eg german to english)nd click on the
" Translate" button..

2. Use Tor >> (how 2use this software is xpained in the blog)

3. Go to this site

download the free Software.. This one works In linux.


Also It is not necessary to use a WebBrowser (like Ie or firefox) to acess orkut. orkut can be acessed by independant dedicated softwares like myorkut, orkutcute etc..


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