Sunday, 4 March, 2007

Fests and more fests!

In the light of the different inter-college programs being planned by the 3 dept's of the college, i would like to hear from you all about what all you think is good with the present plans; ie about the 3 depts going separately with their independent events.

Would it have been better if all branches did the programs together??
Would it be possible for the 3 events to get funding with the reputation of the college??
Will it be a good reflection on the image of the college??
Will it cause any rift between the students of the college??

I had some more questions in my mind, but can't remember them all!

So waiting for the replies or more queries!

Hope that atleast this will create some active posts or comments!


krish said...

i think this is a good way to make this an active blog, provided the bloggers of our college bother to peek into this. and this is a good topic to discuss about

the basic reason behind the present condition where all the three branches are planning for different fests is definitely LACK OF UNITY. as far as i know there are numerous issues behind this and i don't think this unity can be brought about all of a sudden. and ya, it'd have been better if all branches did 'a' program together. Apart from some departmental festivals, i don't remember our college hosting a large scale inter collegiate festival. i'm definitely not trying to defame our one and only heard-of tech fest, but i'm sorry to say that even for that the turn outs are very less. this is certainly due to lack of advertising, lack of good sponsorship, and above all lack of unity among branches. we are a bunch of students branched only into THREE, and if we can't have a united stand, it's a shame on us.

and for the funding matter, i don't know if any reputed company would stake their money for 3 different programs of a single college.

It is certainly not a good refection on the "image" of our college. Our college is in a growing state and unlike any private newbies, we don't get lacs of money from the management side. so to give a good start to inter collegiate festivals in our college, i think we need to put up a good show with good budget. and this is possible only if we have good sponsors. we don't have 60+ years of reputation to talk about. all that we can have is the name of our college and the unity among the students.

causing a rift between the student?? well, for this part i leave all the final year students to think over how far we are rifted off.....

Rohin said...

Well, In the earlier post, people had talked about how being a small college we had so called "Unity". But where is that unity when it matters? We have now stood beside each other for any significant purpose so far. And as for Abhi's questions,
1)YES, 2)NO 3)NO 4)YES
Being a small college, we have an added disadvantage of having only a few students to get involved in organising an event.And as long as we stick to our individual branchwise fests we shall never be able to organise a fest of any significance.

A fest is a time for the students of a college to put aside their differences and come together for the common good of the college as a whole.But we havnt seen that happening in our college.We are still divided and disorganised. So unless we stop being egotistical we will never be able to conduct a proper cultural or technical fest. And the fact that our college is small and relatively new just adds to the disadvantage. We are not yet utilising our inherent advantages to overcome the shortcomings. In fact we are just adding to it.

lekshmi_gecb said...

good question again abhi,
my answer is the same as rohin's.yes,no,no,yes.talking about the rift,is there anything but that??
i genuinely wonder how cet with all its branches conducts dhwani as one.nothing short of magic.i say this because i cant see a way for us to do the same.maybe,things will be better off when our juniors take charge.hoping badly so..

JK said...

Talkin abt dhwani its d coll union of CET which is conductin tht fest.Incredible thin abt tht fest is tht all d students wld become a part of d union whn it cmes 2 organisin.. i mean all d parties evrythin wld b out of d window. I dnt think it wld wrk here in GEC(4 some really gud reasons)..
Eventhough im against conductin fests 4 diff branches rather thn a coll fest, there is no other altenative considerin d reasons which my seniors hve mentioned here..
But its creatin an unhealthy competiton between diff branches, nd it will prompt juniors 2 do d samethin whn thy become seniors.
So i feel tht we should do away wth these branch fests next year atleast nd let us hope 4 d best.